Plethora is a metal band containing progressive and rock elements – fast and energetic music with heavy riffs, nice rhythms and surprising female vocal. Band’s motto is to compose consistent music with diverse and unconventional melodies.

Ada Niksińska

aAdka Niksińska - talented vocalist with an outstanding voice. She has a wide and four-octave vocal range. She is a true metalhead and a person full of energy. Adka creates vocal melodies and writes lyrics.

Mateusz Gawron

mMateusz Gawron - drummer, multi-instrumentalist. In Plethora he deals with band quality control, arrangements and marketing.

Krystian Przybylski

kpKrystian Przybylski - guitarist, pianist, composer. In the band Krystian composes tracks and deals with interpersonal relations

Damian Mikulski

13912817_1094796977269296_1313840775026130305_nDamian Mikulski - talented guitarist who can combine speed, technique and precision. In the band Damian takes care of the legal aspects of the band's activities.

Sebastian Szarapow

Sebastian Szarapow - bassist, sound engineering student. In the band he deals with solving technical problems, checks the functioning of the equipment and takes care about the organizational issues.