The Shadow

Roke Solo


I thought it’d be different
That’s not what I want
This school on Roke!
Why is it taking so long?
Vetch’s my friend;
He’s one I can trust
Jasper is envious
He knows he would lose
And every challenge I dare him to take
All of his spells I am able to break
Our rivalry has come to an end
I’m going to summon a spirit of the dead!

1. A powerful spell, but something’s not right
The realm of dead has opened too wide
A Shadow creature passes through
An ancient evil
(Now I am doomed!)
Scars on my face, but I am alive
Shadow escaped
The Archmage had died
Where I am no one wants me to stay
How can I fight a Shadow without name?

Ref. 1
This creature’s been after me
Why can‘t I be free?
This creature’s been chasing me

2. I’ve slain five dragons
The strongest ahead
Almighty one, better hold your breath
I know your name, well you promise me
No longer you are my enemy
The Shadow’s behind
I’m fleeing in fear
A tale of the stone,
But could it be real?
It’s all a lie, a trick the play
I’ve got no allies, I have to escape

Ref. 2
Turn into falcon and fly so far away
I can’t forget my name


3. Remembering my name was the key to my life
I guess it’s too late, I already forgot
But wait a minute, who is coming my way ? 
It’s Ogion the Silent who recalls my name
Oh tell me my master what shall I do?
I am strong enough after what I’ve been through
“Hunted you’ve been
Now Hunter become
Confront the Shadow
Rather than run”

Ref. 3
Everything now is clear, I will face my fear
Contend the Shadow if
Somewhere it waits for me and won’t let me be
Control the Shadow if